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Dealing With A Smelly Scalp or Odor is more common than most people know. To understand why this happens you need to know that the hair follicle goes down into the scalp skin where it acts like a pocket catching dirt, residue from shampoos (that make it stickier)as well sebum or oils that are produced by the scalp.

See the photo below of a sebum plug around the hair follicle.

To Eliminate this issues it is very important to understand that the common shampoos and even clarifying shampoos on the market actually cause the problem more than they help it. The sebum scalp oils can actually cover the hair follicle opening and act as a barrier to deep cleanse the hair follicle. This barrier can become hard like a jolly rancher candy. It takes a very special blend to remove the caked opening and allow the bacteria and fungus that cause the odor to be released and washed away or eliminated.

What Causes Sour Stinky Smells In The Hair Or On the Scalp

The answer is typically a mixture of sebum, cholesterol, yeast, fungus, bacteria and also keratin. This is also what creates the crusty, crystallized mixture that you often see in beads or balls on the scalp. It can also create a waxy, white buildup that can be soft and in large chunks or it be hardened. Opening the follicle and helping to purge fungus, bacteria, yeast and similar is huge for getting rid of bad smell that can often happen after washing your hair or getting it wet. Often times this will look like wet dandruff. You can remove this with an Exfoliating Scalp Scrub and also the Purifying Shampoo. The lotion will penetrate deep to help give you lasting results. Great for women or men that are experiencing the issues including mold and malassezia.
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Zincplex Shampoo With Herbs For Healthy Hair Zincplex Shampoo Concentrate 8 oz

You May Have Tried Other Healthy Scalp Shampoos But They Are Not Zincplex!

Often Copied But Never Duplicated - The World's Best Known Herbal and Zincplex Healthy Scalp Solution

1) A Powerful Combination of Fenugreek, Zinc PCa, TeaTree, Thyme, Sage, Burdock and Others that are designed to literally melt away build up all over the scalp and especially at the hair folllicle. This sebum plug or build up can become hardened and when not cleansed away it can result in many different hair and scalp problems including acne, bumps, slow hair growth, brittle hair, breakage, thinning, dermatitis, itchy and flaky head, sores, bacteria and fungus overgrowth and much more.

2) Zinc Pca - is a tested and proven amino acid derivative from zinc. It is often referred to as a natural anti biotic. It is anti bacterial and anti fungal. This is very important since most doctors agree that scalp sores came from an excess of bacteria and fungus.

Do The Herbal Way With Very Effective Herbs and Zinc Pca!
"I am absolutely amazed at how healthy my scalp and hair is now - it seems to grow faster and has amazing shine and thickness!"

"Very good results with Zincplex"

"I have never ever used a product that works so good with itching and flaking!"

"Why Couldn't I Find This Earlier!"

"Compare This To Any Other Products For Acne or Bumps - It Worked Without Drying or Peeling! So Very Good!"

"Nothing Else Worked Long Term For My Bad Scalp - Zincplex Results Are Amazing!"

Zincplex is known around the world for its detoxifying and deep cleansing herbs as well as one of the few shampoos to use a zinc derivative! Complete 30 Day money Back Guarantee!

Our Price: $18.95
Remove Crusty Sebum From the Scalp and Hair Scalp Scrub For Dandruff

Deep Cleanse and Purify With An Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

Fine Sea Salts are included in the mixture of scalp conditioning herbs that will break down the deposits on the scalp but also help to restore the correct and delicate balance that must in range to prevent itching, flaking and even the yellow and white gunk that you can see in the hair.

The salts that are used are from the Dead Sea and are full of minerals that the skin on the head will use to get the moisture to correct balance as well. This balance prevents the breakdown of the skin's outter layer that will prevent bacteria and fungus from growing out of control.

Chocked Full of Herbs that are designed to not only help to dissolve the hardened sebum and crusty scalp deposits. They also get own into the follicles to remove the buildup and clogged pores that prevent the dirt, pollution and even the grime from being pushed out of the follicle.

This Scrub also includes minerals which will help to prevent excess oils from build up and being excreted by the sebum gland reducing the amount of excess oil mixture. Also works to help irrigate DHT and hormones inside the pore.

Beads Crust Crystallized Balls Deposits All Removed Through Light Abrasion

Very specific herbal shampoos can also help but by exfoliating the harder scabs and also the yellow or white gunk or junk that tends to build up are also removed. Also get rid of the waxy mixture that can cause a lot of different problems including scalp odor or smelly hair syndromes.

Our Price: $26.00
Zinc For A Healthy Scalp and Hair Zincplex Healthy Hair Shampoo And Conditioner

Deep Cleanse and Remove Obstacles For Optimal Scalp Health and Healthy Hair!

Specialized Herbs and The Power Of Zinc:
Most shampoos use so very little herb amounts that they cannot be effective in hair care. With A Therapeautic Percentage of Thyme, Sage, Burdock, Zinc, Sage and More - These Work Together To Get The Job Done..

How Does ZINC PCA Work?
Zinc Pca is a derivative of zinc. The power of Zinc has been used for years as a natural way to fight excess bacteria and also fungus. When used with our deep cleansing herbs it helps to clean up excess sebum, bacteria, fungus and similar problems.

Use The Power Of Herbs and Zinc to Get Your Scalp Back To Balanced Which Means Healthy!

Our Price: $28.95
Zincplex Healthy Hair Kit Zincplex Healthy Hair Kit

Rebalance With Deep Cleansing and Nutrition For A Healthy Scalp and Hair!

Here Is What The Herbs and Zinc Pca In This Kit Are Designed To Do:
Breaking Down Years of Build Up Around The Hair Root can mean big results for the appearance and actual health or your hair and scalp.

How Does It Work?
Zinc Pca and Very Special Herbs natural and gently breakdown hardened sebum, piled up dirt and grime that turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and even fungus. This can thin out the hair shaft and cause the hair roots to grow shallow.

Allow your hair to be all that it can be with a deep cleansing and also the power of the zinc derivative zinc pca!

Our Price: $37.95