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Scalp Scrub For Dandruff
Remove Crusty Sebum From the Scalp and Hair

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Deep Cleanse and Purify With An Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

Fine Sea Salts are included in the mixture of scalp conditioning herbs that will break down the deposits on the scalp but also help to restore the correct and delicate balance that must in range to prevent itching, flaking and even the yellow and white gunk that you can see in the hair.

The salts that are used are from the Dead Sea and are full of minerals that the skin on the head will use to get the moisture to correct balance as well. This balance prevents the breakdown of the skin's outter layer that will prevent bacteria and fungus from growing out of control.

Chocked Full of Herbs that are designed to not only help to dissolve the hardened sebum and crusty scalp deposits. They also get own into the follicles to remove the buildup and clogged pores that prevent the dirt, pollution and even the grime from being pushed out of the follicle.

This Scrub also includes minerals which will help to prevent excess oils from build up and being excreted by the sebum gland reducing the amount of excess oil mixture. Also works to help irrigate DHT and hormones inside the pore.

Beads Crust Crystallized Balls Deposits All Removed Through Light Abrasion

Very specific herbal shampoos can also help but by exfoliating the harder scabs and also the yellow or white gunk or junk that tends to build up are also removed. Also get rid of the waxy mixture that can cause a lot of different problems including scalp odor or smelly hair syndromes.